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Things are roughly in chronological order within subsections.

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Title: Boats.
Fandom: Tales of Graces f.
Pairing: Hubert/Cheria.
Words: 928.
Summary: The truth revealed — why does Hubert like boats so much? Also some other stuff, I guess.
Rating: B for Belated.
Notes: More stuff in the same ‘verse as this. I had this draft lying around for the past several months because I felt like there should be more to it, but now I'm lazy. Just imagine Hubert and Cheria being cute as they sit by the seaside watching the boats come in.

Hubert is no stranger to Lhant’s western port, but it’s been quite a while since he’s visited it with leisure in mind. )
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Title: School Daze.
Fandom: Bomberman (Ariaverse).
Pairing: Shiro/Regulus.
Words: 5479.
Summary: It’s time to get schooled in life, love, and loving life with a half-crazy bomb-throwing receptionist hero and his emotionally dead shadow elemental boyfriend.
Rating: PG-13.
Notes: Another themeset that turned out accidentally long. I tried to name the themes with things that would or could be associated with school, considering Shiro's new job.

Lemuel Chayton College Preparatory Academy, located towards the southern end of the heart of downtown Cerbera, goes through employees like toilet paper in a food-poisoned household. )
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Title: Armistice.
Fandom: Bomberman (Ariaverse).
Pairing: Shiro/Regulus.
Words: 1925.
Summary: I hate to see you go,, actually, I hate to see you leave, too.
Rating: PG-13.
Notes: WELP I GUESS I’VE GOT A NEW BOMBERVERSE NOW. Fuuuuck me. Named for the Arias of Creation mentioned in #18 here. This particular fic is sort of a spiritual successor to #17 from this themeset, which is I guess because a lot of my talkerations and thinkerations with this ship circle around the question of "why are you two dating each other, whhhyyyyy."

(AV Shiro is such a hot mess compared with his EDV counterpart, which is saying something. But that’s what happens when the only person who can keep you sane also drives you absolutely bananas.)

(Writing Regulus is sometimes an exercise in wondering whether he’s being deliberately obtuse or if he is genuinely just that emotionally challenged.)

It was almost the edge of dawn when Shiro finally (some might say miraculously) woke from a deep sleep induced by blood loss, fatigue, and a heavy dose of seraphic sedative magic burning out his consciousness for several hours. )
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Title: All Through the Night.
Fandom: Bomberman (Edenverse)
Pairing: Shiro/Regulus.
Words: 3899.
Summary: Silence is golden, but love wins the silver medal.
Rating: PG-13.

Went with a slightly different format for this one just for shits and giggles; there's one theme for each letter of the alphabet. (I'm sure you can guess at how hard it was to find interesting words for X, Y, and Z.)

Title does not quite come from a famous Cyndi Lauper song, but I like the song so here it is.

Also, spot the Firefly reference and get no prize whatsoever.

Blessing or bane, the only thing Regulus is truly sure about when it comes to Shiro is that he makes his life more interesting. )
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Title: Burning Inside.
Fandom: Bomberman (Edenverse).
Pairing: Shiro/Regulus.
Words: 5777.
Summary: I’ll vanquish any foe because you’re mine; I can regain control because you’re mine.
Rating: PG-13. (And boy howdy does “PG” stand for “Pretty Gay” in this instance.)
Notes: More of this dumb bullshit. Draws/expands on stuff that happened in the previous themeset, because lazy. The same warnings and blamings from before apply, with an added dose of holy-shit-that-last-theme-is-practically-a-fic-in-and-of-itself-it’s-so-long. I guess this is an almost-‘verse now, or a scatter of almost-‘verses.

Title (and summary!) comes from ”You’re Mine” by Disturbed, which is actually a smidge more relevant than “Evelyn.”

It literally starts raining the moment Shiro steps out from the condominium complex into the open air, heavy drops slapping loudly against the concrete like gunfire. )
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Title: Meet Me Where I Land.
Fandom: Bomberman (Edenverse).
Pairing: Shiro/Regulus.
Words: 2577.
Summary: Love in general is a battlefield, but their love is a world war.
Rating: PG-13 for the usual.
Notes: Something between flash fiction and a [ profile] 1sentence themeset, with prompts taken from a random word generator. Blame [personal profile] khaures for both the method and the shippy madness.

Title taken from “Evelyn” by Kim Tillman. Relevant? Probably not. I just really like the song.

As usual, beware experimental stuff, super-fanon, contradictory scenarios, and other oddities.

Regulus looks so different after a trip to the barber that Shiro, upon coming home, actually pauses in the doorway for a moment, wondering who the hell the stranger is that’s sitting at the kitchen table. )
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Title: Parental Approval. (Garrett Oswell)
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Pao-Lin/Hubert.
Words: 2944.
Summary: Miraculously, these two have stuck things through long enough to actually get married in Luceti. But just as they're settling into domestic bliss, parents from both sides of the marriage come crashing in.
Rating: G for Garrett.
Notes: I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the world who’s ever RPed Garrett Oswell. You can essentially blame that on this fic.

(Jeez, I’ve let this sit for so long that its world is officially jossed thanks to [community profile] luceti endgame.)

Pao-Lin answers the doorbell when it rings in the middle of dinner, but it’s Hubert that their mysterious visitor demands to see. )
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Title: Paperwork.
Fandom: Tales of Graces f. (!)
Pairing: Hubert/Cheria. (!!!!!)
Words: 1509.
Summary: No one needs more evidence for why the king and the captain should never be allowed in the same room together, but here it is anyway.
Rating: W for Where Did This Even Come From?
Notes: So, uh...somehow I have gone from shipping Hubert/Cheria on a purely intellectual level to planning out a long-ass AU PSL for it with [personal profile] weavingmemories, constructing an appropriately shippy playlist, and re-designing Hubert and Cheria’s outfits for the AU. It’s also the closest I’ve ever come to wanting to RP smut with someone. Help. Oh, right: said AU is called Viscariaverse and it involves Asbel dying not long after the end of L&L, thereby setting off a chain of events in which somehow Hubert is not only forced to remain as lord of Lhant in Asbel’s stead, but he also has to marry Cheria for...reasons. we’re still figuring this shit out, shh Needless to say, there’s a lot of angst and awkward that results from all this, but thankfully this fic takes place after the two of them have begun sorting out their many issues and made headway towards being a happily-married couple.

(The name of the AU comes from the viscaria flower, which symbolizes an invitation to dance according to the Victorian language of flowers. The inspiration for the name came from a memethread in which...well, just guess.)

(The actual fic idea can be blamed on an inappropriate Jade Curtiss macro.)

Some days, Cheria wishes King Richard and Captain Malik were around Lhant Manor more often. Other days...she’s utterly grateful that they aren't. )
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Title: Going Home.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Hubert/suffering.
Words: 4553.
Summary: Inevitably, Pao-Lin is sent home to Sternbild.
Rating: T for Total Fakeout Tears.
Notes: I sorely regret that I couldn’t have finished this fic in time to coincide with when it would have actually occurred in “real time” (December 2013). But better late than never, right?

(I am also inordinately proud of the fact that I finally managed to work a Vienna Teng reference in with this ship. That woman is relevant to everything ever, just deal with it.)

In spite of Hubert’s brisk, focused pace as he headed for CH7 one wintry day (he refused to call the building by its ridiculous new nomer of “Heart”), he was only mildly worried about Pao-Lin’s whereabouts. )
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Title: Secret Files.
Fandom: That Thing With Wangs Wings.
Pairing: :3c / B|
Words: 1333.
Summary: She just can’t resist.
Rating: F for Fuzzy. Or Fluff. ...Fluzzy?
Notes: Initially intended to be pure fluff, this fic took a bit of a dark turn once certain developments happened in Luceti. Yikes.

She only intends to brush away a leaf that’s fluttered onto his head as they sit beneath the cherry blossom tree one brisk autumn day. )
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Title: Career Change.
Fandom: Bomberman (Edenverse).
Pairing: The beginnings of Zoniha/Regulus.
Words: 3,199.
Summary: Zoniha receives an offer that she can refuse but doesn’t really want to.
Rating: PG-13ish, as per the usual.
Notes: I’ve been in the process of tweaking and filling in the details of the Zoniha/Regulus backstory (said as though I’m not always fiddling with things like that), so I guess this was the inevitable result of that. It also just so happens that I recently finished reading a book about the fall of the Chicago Outfit, so some of that got incorporated into here. (Lesson learned: I should probably do research into real-world crime when it comes to figuring out exactly what Reg and Zo were up as the Crown and Consort of the Obsidian Phoenix.)

When word comes in at Serekastel that someone is requesting the company of Zoniha for the night, Zoniha merely shrugs and sets to work prettying herself up for another client. )
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Title: The Awakening: Part I.
Fandom: Bomberman (Edenverse).
Pairing: N/A.
Words: 2194.
Summary: Wake up. Your destiny's calling.
Rating: PG-13.
Notes: I name this "Part I" as if I'm actually going to write Part II, pfft. I have vague plans for it but the urge to do this story diminished around the time I hit Baelfael's part, maybe because I got derailed polishing out his backstory when doing the first draft. But I generally like what I have here, so I decided to throw it up. Besides, I miss Edenverse.

“Awaken, my knight.” )
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Title: [n/a]
Fandom: Golden Sun.
Pairing: One-sided(???) Meli/Florian, although it doesn’t get explored in this scene.
Words: 1517.
Summary: A scene set directly after the end of Amaranth, in which Meli begins to question Florian about everything that just happened.
Rating: PG, I guess.
Notes: Just discovered this while digging through my fic files recently. I never actually did really figure out what a Scion was. Or what, exactly, the Wise One was warning Meli about with regards to Florian (though at least I had more ideas about that then about Meli as Florian's Scion). Also I really just love Meli and Florian’s interaction, sob. I wish I could continue this and make it an actual epic fanfic but...too much work. And at this point, if I were going to put that sort of work into a fic like this, I might as well just make it completely original (which I do have vague plans for).

Meli finally — and reluctantly — convinces Florian to let her down before they actually enter Neo Valeriam again, knowing that the sight of her being carried by him would garner quite a lot of questions and strange, suspicious looks from bystanders. )
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Title: Experiment Log #4 - Pick-up Lines.
Fandom: You know, why do I keep bothering...
Pairing: fill out this section these days?
Words: 829.
Summary: Let the record show...that Pao-Lin once felt compelled to randomly insert bad pick-up lines in conversation.
Rating: Hey, baby, I’m G for Good In Bed. /eyebrow waggle
Notes: The only thing I’m sorry about is that this is more of a vignette than a proper fic. But I guess after the last installment in this series, something short and silly is called for.

The game that Hubert describes is apparently called Col here on Earth.

“Hey, Hubert, are you a dictionary? ‘Cause you just gave me the definition of ‘gorgeous’.” )
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Title: Experiment Log #3 - Normalcy.
Fandom: That thing with the wings.
Pairing: Babygurl/blue-haired brother.
Words: 2636.
Summary: Let the record show...that Hubert actually acted like a normal person in love for once.
Rating: M for Mood Whiplash. Oh boy, the mood whiplash.
Notes: Also known as the Stepford Hubert Shift!

In the middle of browsing the bakery’s offerings through its window display, Pao-Lin suddenly finds herself enfolded in an enthusiastic hug from behind. )
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Title: Model Ships.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Pao-Lin/Hubert.
Words: 462.
Summary: Pao-Lin discovers one of Hubert’s other hobbies.
Rating: D for Dialogue Only (Except For One SFX and One Line of Prose) Because Sora Is Lazy and Has No Attention Span.
Notes: Pao-Lin/Hubert is a “model ship”, amirite. spoilers no it isn’t

“There you are, Hubert! I thought you were out training with Asbel.” )
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Title: Experiment Log #2 - Animal Ears.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Tiny god/linefaced lieutenant.
Words: 1727.
Summary: Let the record show...that Pao-Lin once grew mouse ears and a tail.
Rating: M for Mouse!
Notes: Luceti recently introduced “barrier incompatibilities” as another option for players to explain character absences if they need to hiatus. Technically, such incompatibilities are limited to what’s listed in that link, but for the sake of this fic I took some liberties, since it would be easier than trying to retrofit this Shift into an experiment., but seriously, will you look at how fucking precious Mouse-Lin is? Hubert never stood a chance.

By Luceti standards, Pao-Lin spontaneously sprouting delicate white mouse ears and an equally delicate mouse tail one day was pretty much par for the course when it came to Shift effects (in this case, barrier incompatibilities). )
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Title: Lost Child. [part i]
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Kiwi Blonde/Blunette.
Words: 1618.
Summary: Thanks to a death penalty, Pao-Lin finds out that her partner isn’t the man he used to be.
Rating: A For Awkward.
Notes: Writing about Hubert’s second death when I haven’t even gotten around to doing more than cursory plotting about his first? I have the best priorities.

Also, I hereby dedicate this fic in honor of Vyc’s birthday because the timing worked out, so why the hell not. Happy birthday, Vyc! I churned this out pretty fast, but I hope it’s still a decent read.

If Hubert looks a little like a lost child after being resurrected from his second death in Luceti, that’s only because he is — in a manner of speaking. )
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Title: Facial Hair.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Pao-Lin/Hubert.
Words: 738.
Summary: The unfortunate implications of Hubert ever growing a beard.
Rating: B for Beard. Or Blue.
Notes: I miss writing for these two, but I can’t currently brain any of my more involved ideas (of which there are many, alas). So have a short and swiftly-written crackfic. It’s better than nothing. :|

(Seriously, though, look at that fucking wordcount. Under a thousand words, man.)

It’s an innocent enough inquiry that’s likely occurred to every person who’s witnessed the phenomenon in question. )
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