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Title: [n/a]
Fandom: Golden Sun.
Pairing: One-sided(???) Meli/Florian, although it doesn’t get explored in this scene.
Words: 1517.
Summary: A scene set directly after the end of Amaranth, in which Meli begins to question Florian about everything that just happened.
Rating: PG, I guess.
Notes: Just discovered this while digging through my fic files recently. I never actually did really figure out what a Scion was. Or what, exactly, the Wise One was warning Meli about with regards to Florian (though at least I had more ideas about that then about Meli as Florian's Scion). Also I really just love Meli and Florian’s interaction, sob. I wish I could continue this and make it an actual epic fanfic but...too much work. And at this point, if I were going to put that sort of work into a fic like this, I might as well just make it completely original (which I do have vague plans for).

Meli finally — and reluctantly — convinces Florian to let her down before they actually enter Neo Valeriam again, knowing that the sight of her being carried by him would garner quite a lot of questions and strange, suspicious looks from bystanders. )
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Title: [n/a]
Fandom: Golden Sun.
Pairing: None, although there is some jokingly implied Thea/Meli and Thea/Minayo.
Words: 974.
Summary: A scene cut from the final version of Amaranth because I felt that it was kind of extraneous in terms of what it contibuted to the overall plot. If I had kept it, it would have been located in chapter 4, prior to Meli visiting Ramesh at The Swindling Angel tavern.
Rating: ...PG?
Notes: A, E-flat, G. What? I've been in a musical mood lately.

Oh, and the names Yzades and Glenna got re-appropriated for other passing characters in the final version of Amaranth, in case you were wondering why the names sounded familiar. Yzades is one of Minayo's spies (chapter 6); Glenna is someone that Ramesh knows (chapter 4).

The Apunia Dator district, more commonly known as the Mud Quarters, is alive with life as usual when the carriage drops Meli off on Sirat Street, the main eastern border of this particular section of Neo Valeriam. )
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Title: Feizhi is NOT A BISEXUAL.
Fandom: Golden Sun.
Pairing: One-sided Feizhi/Mia, brief Feizhi/Isaac, very brief Zelos/Feizhi, and eventual Feizhi/Garet. But for the love of Alex's hair, don't take the pairings seriously.
Words: 3274.
Summary: is not a bisexual?
Rating: Fairly high PG-13 for swearing, dirty jokes, and a heavily implied sex scene.
Notes: Done on a whim based on a meme thing an old friend did a while back. I'll be damned if I can remember exactly what the meme was. This contains a lot of inside jokes between us, so if you don't get any of it, don't feel stupid. Expect to see a lot of random cameos, with emphasis on "a lot" and "random."

As fruitful and entertaining as the week had undoubtedly been, Feizhi dearly missed her little mermaid. That is to say, her girlfriend Mia. )
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Originally posted on 7/11/05.

Title: N/A.
Fandom: Golden Sun.
Pairing: N/A.
Words: 6326.
Summary: Isaac and an amnesiac Alex are forced to work together to fight their way out of a Kibomban stronghold.
Rating: PG-13 for blood, violence, and a bit of language.
Notes: Hehe. Hehehe. I really look forward to writing the final version of this scene in SEI (The Serpent Eats Itself and Lives Forever). The setting will probably change, as will the actual progression of the fight scene, but the general idea - Isaac and Alex being forced by cirumstance to work together - will remain.

Things to note:

1. For whatever reason, Isaac does not have the Sol Blade on him for the entirety of the scene.

2. In addition to having lost his memory (presumably from something that happened during the collapse of Mt. Aleph), Alex has also lost the use of his Psynergy, which is briefly elaborated on about halfway through the scene. Hopefully the amnesia should explain his apparent OOCness here, where he retains his arrogance but has become outspoken and sarcastic enough to potentially get into a shouting match with Garet. And he's getting to crack jokes better.

At that moment, sitting on the rough, pebbled ground, Isaac realized three things. )


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