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Title: Parental Approval. (Garrett Oswell)
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Pao-Lin/Hubert.
Words: 2944.
Summary: Miraculously, these two have stuck things through long enough to actually get married in Luceti. But just as they're settling into domestic bliss, parents from both sides of the marriage come crashing in.
Rating: G for Garrett.
Notes: I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the world who’s ever RPed Garrett Oswell. You can essentially blame that on this fic.

(Jeez, I’ve let this sit for so long that its world is officially jossed thanks to [community profile] luceti endgame.)

Pao-Lin answers the doorbell when it rings in the middle of dinner, but it’s Hubert that their mysterious visitor demands to see. )
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Title: Going Home.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Hubert/suffering.
Words: 4553.
Summary: Inevitably, Pao-Lin is sent home to Sternbild.
Rating: T for Total Fakeout Tears.
Notes: I sorely regret that I couldn’t have finished this fic in time to coincide with when it would have actually occurred in “real time” (December 2013). But better late than never, right?

(I am also inordinately proud of the fact that I finally managed to work a Vienna Teng reference in with this ship. That woman is relevant to everything ever, just deal with it.)

In spite of Hubert’s brisk, focused pace as he headed for CH7 one wintry day (he refused to call the building by its ridiculous new nomer of “Heart”), he was only mildly worried about Pao-Lin’s whereabouts. )
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Title: Secret Files.
Fandom: That Thing With Wangs Wings.
Pairing: :3c / B|
Words: 1333.
Summary: She just can’t resist.
Rating: F for Fuzzy. Or Fluff. ...Fluzzy?
Notes: Initially intended to be pure fluff, this fic took a bit of a dark turn once certain developments happened in Luceti. Yikes.

She only intends to brush away a leaf that’s fluttered onto his head as they sit beneath the cherry blossom tree one brisk autumn day. )
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Title: Experiment Log #4 - Pick-up Lines.
Fandom: You know, why do I keep bothering...
Pairing: fill out this section these days?
Words: 829.
Summary: Let the record show...that Pao-Lin once felt compelled to randomly insert bad pick-up lines in conversation.
Rating: Hey, baby, I’m G for Good In Bed. /eyebrow waggle
Notes: The only thing I’m sorry about is that this is more of a vignette than a proper fic. But I guess after the last installment in this series, something short and silly is called for.

The game that Hubert describes is apparently called Col here on Earth.

“Hey, Hubert, are you a dictionary? ‘Cause you just gave me the definition of ‘gorgeous’.” )
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Title: Experiment Log #3 - Normalcy.
Fandom: That thing with the wings.
Pairing: Babygurl/blue-haired brother.
Words: 2636.
Summary: Let the record show...that Hubert actually acted like a normal person in love for once.
Rating: M for Mood Whiplash. Oh boy, the mood whiplash.
Notes: Also known as the Stepford Hubert Shift!

In the middle of browsing the bakery’s offerings through its window display, Pao-Lin suddenly finds herself enfolded in an enthusiastic hug from behind. )
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Title: Model Ships.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Pao-Lin/Hubert.
Words: 462.
Summary: Pao-Lin discovers one of Hubert’s other hobbies.
Rating: D for Dialogue Only (Except For One SFX and One Line of Prose) Because Sora Is Lazy and Has No Attention Span.
Notes: Pao-Lin/Hubert is a “model ship”, amirite. spoilers no it isn’t

“There you are, Hubert! I thought you were out training with Asbel.” )
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Title: Experiment Log #2 - Animal Ears.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Tiny god/linefaced lieutenant.
Words: 1727.
Summary: Let the record show...that Pao-Lin once grew mouse ears and a tail.
Rating: M for Mouse!
Notes: Luceti recently introduced “barrier incompatibilities” as another option for players to explain character absences if they need to hiatus. Technically, such incompatibilities are limited to what’s listed in that link, but for the sake of this fic I took some liberties, since it would be easier than trying to retrofit this Shift into an experiment., but seriously, will you look at how fucking precious Mouse-Lin is? Hubert never stood a chance.

By Luceti standards, Pao-Lin spontaneously sprouting delicate white mouse ears and an equally delicate mouse tail one day was pretty much par for the course when it came to Shift effects (in this case, barrier incompatibilities). )
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Title: Lost Child. [part i]
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Kiwi Blonde/Blunette.
Words: 1618.
Summary: Thanks to a death penalty, Pao-Lin finds out that her partner isn’t the man he used to be.
Rating: A For Awkward.
Notes: Writing about Hubert’s second death when I haven’t even gotten around to doing more than cursory plotting about his first? I have the best priorities.

Also, I hereby dedicate this fic in honor of Vyc’s birthday because the timing worked out, so why the hell not. Happy birthday, Vyc! I churned this out pretty fast, but I hope it’s still a decent read.

If Hubert looks a little like a lost child after being resurrected from his second death in Luceti, that’s only because he is — in a manner of speaking. )
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Title: Facial Hair.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Pao-Lin/Hubert.
Words: 738.
Summary: The unfortunate implications of Hubert ever growing a beard.
Rating: B for Beard. Or Blue.
Notes: I miss writing for these two, but I can’t currently brain any of my more involved ideas (of which there are many, alas). So have a short and swiftly-written crackfic. It’s better than nothing. :|

(Seriously, though, look at that fucking wordcount. Under a thousand words, man.)

It’s an innocent enough inquiry that’s likely occurred to every person who’s witnessed the phenomenon in question. )
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Title: Parental Approval. (Feng-Lei & Qiang-Ya Huang)
Fandom: looooooooseeeeeeeeeteeeeeeeeeee
Pairing: Pao-Lin/Hubert (because what the fuck else do I write these days).
Words: 3,986.
Summary: By some miracle, these two have stuck things through long enough to actually get married in Luceti. But just as they’re settling into domestic bliss, parents from both sides of the marriage come crashing in.
Rating: F for FFFFFUUUUUUU —
Notes: FML, I can't stop thinking of ideas for these two. I’m also not entirely happy with the second part of things, or with how I wrote Pao-Lin's parents, but with all the ideas I keep coming up with, I need to clear up my queue. Seriously, this backlog is ridonk-a-donk.

When Pao-Lin heads out for her usual training session at the Battle Dome, the last thing she expects to see along the way are her parents wandering the plaza and gawking at the quaint surroundings. )
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Title: Dragon & Gunblade, The OVA.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: :|
Words: 1763.
Summary: I don't think we're in Luceti anymore...
Rating: E for Escapeverse!
Notes: Hooray for more another [ profile] 1fandom theme! This one is referred to as "The OVA" because it's an AU of the already AU Lucetiverse, and so — like many OVAs — it retains the basic premise of the series but goes in a different direction with it. :Db The two still get together, but instead of settling down in Luceti and getting married, some sort of cross-dimensional Shift drops them in Sternbild. With no idea of how to get back to Luceti, or even if they can, the two begin to re-adapt to big city living. Hilarity ensues, etc. and so forth.

This themeset marks the first time I've included an alternate version of one of the sentences, because it was too funny to pass up but I wasn't sure if I wanted it to be "canon", per se.

It's frustrating having to rebuild his life yet again, but Hubert knows from past experience that he'll regain some sense of normalcy if he just soldiers on, one step at a time. )
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Title: Experiment Log #1 — Amnesia.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: That thing with the dragon and the gunblade.
Words: 505. Sora, writing something under 3000 words? Believe it!
Summary: Let the record show...that Pao-Lin and Hubert once completely forgot they were dating each other.
Rating: A for Amnesia, of course.
Notes: I was going to wait on starting this particular series until later, but then I got inspired by the recent Luceti event. I'm bumping this up at least a year in the Lucetiverse timeline, though, so...perhaps November 2013 instead of September 2012?

I don't think this is my best work, but it's one where I challenged myself to 1) KEEP IT SHORT, STUPID and 2) use two different viewpoints simultaneously in a scene. Given those two constraints, it's not that bad a piece to show off.

The two of them meet after she nearly wipes out on an icy patch in the plaza, her feet zipping out from beneath her as she wobbles along on a pair of black patent heels. )
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Title: Abandonment Complex.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: I wouldn't bet money on this, but I believe this may be Pao-Lin/Hubert. Just a wild guess, of course. :|;;
Words: 4085.
Summary: With Pao-Lin away on a long mission, Hubert has no choice but to acquaint himself further with the other member of their household.
Rating: W for Why Do I Keep Coming Up With This Shit?
Notes: So there was supposed to be another fic I meant to post soon that would have "properly" introduced the (rather ridiculous) concept of Pao-Lin and Hubert being married, along with referencing Pao-Lin's pet dragon Stormy. But then I got stuck on it and wandered over to do the 1fandom themeset (which introduced both the marriage and Stormy, more or less), and then I got hit with this idea as I was preparing to fall asleep one night (appropriately enough), and then...sigh. Lucetiverse has become this fucking fanfic leviathan. The Lucetiverse Leviathan. Yes.

I confess that isn't one of my more refined works, but I was more concerned with getting the idea out of the way. Apparently I am chronically incapable of writing anything less than three thousand words unless it's a freak of nature or some sort of 1sentence themeset. Sob.

Hubert's not prepared for the loneliness that hits him like a blast of winter air the first night that Pao-Lin is away on a month-long mission. )
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Title: Dragon & Gunblade, Season 1.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Go on. Guess.
Words: 1443.
Summary: The good, the bad, the adorable.
Notes: Wow, been a while since I did one of these! You'd think I'd have gotten around to it already with this pairing, though. But better late than never!

As per the usual with this sort of thing, the sentences skip aaaallll over timelines and may refer to things that I either haven't written yet or won't ever write, for various reasons. Which, of course, is the beauty of [ profile] 1sentence themesets, at least for me personally. Although technically this themeset is from [ profile] 1fandom, but details!

Her body is light in his arms, but his heart is heavy with the weight of her death. )
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Title: Bar Talk.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Pao-Lin/Hubert, though it's quasi-incidental in this particular story.
Words: 6885.
Summary: One night alone at the bar, Pao-Lin is approached by an attractive older man who wants to get to know her better...
Rating: I for It's-Not-What-It-Sounds-Like.
Notes: WHATEVER, OKAY. I JUST GIVE NO FUCKS ANYMORE. :| Also, Malik. QED. I might've fudged a couple of canon details with him because I was too lazy to canon-review. HOPEFULLY IT SHOULD STILL READ OKAY. Aside from the fact that holy shit this turned out way talkier than I thought it would. Whoops. Better get some snacks from the concession stand, folks, because this is a bit of a doozy for the kind of fic that it is.

If there was one thing that Malik liked about Luceti, it was that the alcohol was free, plentiful, and (usually) good. )
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Title: Wandering Thoughts.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Pao-Lin/Hubert.
Words: 4090.
Summary: Hubert's thoughts keep wandering towards one thing. No, it's not sex, but in his mind it may as well be.
Rating: K FOR KISSU man I'm not even going to take this section seriously anymore, lmao.
Notes: More stuff in the vein of Simple Things, because I can. WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT, SON????

In all fairness, Hubert mused as he paused in the middle of his reading for the umpteenth time that day, there were certainly far more questionable things that he could be fantasizing about doing to Pao-Lin than simply kissing her. )
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Title: Simple Things.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Pao-Lin/Hubert.
Words: 1569.
Summary: Hubert attempts to educate Pao-Lin on the proper protocol for public displays of affection. Namely, that there shouldn't be any.
Rating: H for Hubert-why-are-you-such-a-prude Hugs
Notes: Dashed this off in about a night purely for the lulz. And for the fluff. But mostly the lulz. Takes place at least a year after The Five Stages of Falling in Love, because reasons.

'Pao-Lin, we need to talk.' )
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Title: Game of Death.
Fandom: Tiger & Bunny, ep. 25 AU, though it's all technically based in Lucetiverse.
Pairing: Pao-Lin/trauma/revenge OT3.
Words: 3978.
Summary: Hello, little girl. Do you want to play a little game?
Rating: High PG-13 for dark imagery and swearing.
Notes: The textual equivalent of a pencil sketch revealing many of the false memories implanted in Pao-Lin by the Malnosso when they kidnapped her for the first time in [community profile] luceti. So try not to expect too much from this thing? :D;; I wrote it mainly for my own benefit, so that I had a better sense of her mindset as "Bride-Lin" (as I've come to call this particular mutation of the character). The seed of the original idea (based off the Kill Bill movies, hence the Bride-Lin designation) came from the T&B anonmeme (original thread here). It's all more than a little ridiculous, but the Malnosso are kind of ridiculous themselves, and also I am kind of a mean mun who thinks Pao-Lin's had it way too good in Luceti for the half-year she's been there so far.

And yes, obvious title reference is obvious. Don't judge, okay okay.

There is no justice in Justice Tower tonight. )


Follow-up posts on [community profile] luceti can be found here and here.
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Title: The Five Stages of Falling in Love.
Fandom: Luceti. (Holy snaps!)
Pairing: Pao-Lin —> Hubert. (Possibly reciprocated, but it'll take way longer for him to figure his shit out so we're not going there with this story. :|a)
Words: 9912.
Summary: THE DRAGON'S HEART AWAKENS...?! Falling in love can be a traumatic experience.
Rating: PG-13 because it's sad and also kind of sweary at times.
Notes: S-SOB, WRITING THIS WAS SO SCARY AND DEPRESSING. /)___(\;;; I should just stick to fanart, it's a lot easier. And a lot happier most of the time. Also how do I wrote prose.

As for actual notes — it's set after this year's Valentine's Day experiment, I came up with the idea while I was trying to sleep off a Bailey's-induced stupor in a luxury mountain cabin, and the title/format is based on the Kubler-Ross model of coping with grief and tragedy.

All things considered, it isn't a bad way to wake up, sitting on the beach with the sun beaming brightly down on her and a crisp ocean breeze blowing through her hair and a friend's arm around her waist holding her close. )
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