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Official Fanfiction Compilation Post.

Things are roughly in chronological order within subsections.


For an explanation of how I term the 'verses, see: Edenverse and canonverse.

✪ canonverse ✪

Bomberman Bloopers
The things you didn't see and probably don't want to see from the three Bomberman games for Nintendo 64. [Completed]

TSA Told Through Twitter
Pretty much as the title says. [Completed]

Magic Knight Erina
Nearly-forgotten video game hero Bomberman has a couple of problems. Firstly, some of his old enemies that he'd like to forget about have somehow returned to the ring, ready for a second round with him. Secondly, another hero who claims to be on his side (and who looks suspiciously like his space pirate friend Lilith) has arrived to deal with the new threats to Bomber Star, thereby stealing the spotlight from Bomberman! Can Bomberman keep his cool, his life, and his role as protagonist? [In-progress]
      ✏ Intro Episode I
      ✏ Intro Episode II
      ✏ Intro Episode III
      ✏ Episode 1: Familiar Faces
      ✏ Episode 2: Erina Makes the Scene
      ✏ Episode 3: Bomberman Blows a Fuse
      ✏ Episode 4: Mall Madness - The Power of Fire Appears!
      ✏ Episode 5: No Time For Cloning Around - A Shocking Development!
      ✏ Episode 6: This is the Story of a Guy...
      ✏ Episode 7: Crab Cake Bookends
      ✏ Episode 8: Artemis Gets Grounded
      ✏ Episode 9: March of the Bandits
      ✏ Episode 10: Out of Body, Out of Mind
      ✏ Episode 11: To Venus and Back
      ✏ Episode 12: What's Cookin'? A Secret Concoction Revealed!
      ✏ Episode 13: Train Trauma - Orion's Last Ride
      ✏ Episode 14: A Note From the Author
      ✏ Episode 15: Time to Let Out a Wild Roar! ...Eh? You Mean This is the Wrong Series For That?
      ✏ Episode 16: Heavy Fartillery - Wario Wages War
      ✏ Episode 17: Hero to Zero
      ✏ Episode 18: Dead End Dance
      ✏ Episode 19: Double Demon Trouble
      ✏ Episode 20: Altair Goes Off the Deep End
      ✏ Episode 21: The Rise of the Real Magic Knight
      ✏ Episode 22: Turn the Other Cheek, Two-Faced Girl
      ✏ Episode 23: Sirius Gets Serious
      ✏ Episode 24: Smash Bombers
      ✏ Episode 25: Madness? This...Is...Bomberman!
      ✏ Outro Episode I
      ✏ Outro Episode II
      ✏ Outro Episode III

✪ Edenverse [a.k.a. human AUverse thingy] ✪


Career Change
Zoniha receives an offer that she can refuse but doesn’t really want to. [Completed]

Ankoku Tengoku
Not all surprises in the dark are unpleasant. [Completed]

Un homme et sa femme
Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose... [Completed]

Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal
No, really. How much do you love me? [Completed]

Welcome to My Nightmare
The nightmare is weak, but it still lives. Will it ever die? [Completed]

[ profile] 1sentence challenge
A glimpse into the love life of the Purifying Light and the Prince of Shadows... [Completed]

Pinpricks II
[ profile] 1sentence challenge
These two are so epic that they need a second themeset to fully express their epicness. [Completed]


Mercy of the Fallen
Behemos gives whatever answers he can to a teenage Moira armed with questions. [Completed]

It's My Life
Moira tells it like it is. Or how she thinks it is, at any rate. [Completed]

These Emerald Eyes
Not even Baelfael is safe from the venom of the green-eyed monster. [Completed]

A Marriage of Ice and Fire
Moira asks a little something from Baelfael. [Completed]

Snapshots of Singularity
[ profile] 1sentence challenge
This odd little couple creates a singularity of geekiness wherever they are... [Completed]


Who Knew
[ profile] 1sentence challenge
Who could've thunk it? [Completed]

Meet Me Where I Land
Love in general is a battlefield, but their love is a world war. [Completed; Ariaverse]

Burning Inside
I’ll vanquish any foe because you’re mine; I can regain control because you’re mine. [Completed; Ariaverse]

All Through the Night
Silence is golden, but love wins the silver medal. [Completed; Ariaverse]

I hate to see you go,, actually, I hate to see you leave, too. [Completed; Ariaverse]

School Daze
It’s time to get schooled in life, love, and loving life with a half-crazy bomb-throwing receptionist hero and his emotionally dead shadow elemental boyfriend. [Completed; Ariaverse]


The Awakening
Wake up. Your destiny's calling. [In-progress]
      ✏ part I

Burning Angel Wings to Dust
Post-Fateful Meetings. Draegaria receives an unexpected visitor at the end of a long day, and is forced to confront ghosts long thought faded. [Completed]

Edge of the Eclipse
Cynthia Delfini, celestial child, muses over a chance encounter with a white-haired pyrokinetic and worries over the antics of her twin brother, the dangerously off-kilter Sigma. [Completed]

Your Constant Satellite
Shiro/Zhael; [ profile] 1sentence challenge
This is the fate you've carved on me... [Completed]

Golden Sun

Deleted scene from Amaranth
A deleted scene from Amaranth. [Completed]

Unfinished continuation of Amaranth
A scene set directly after the end of Amaranth, in which Meli begins to question Florian about everything that just happened. [Completed]

Tales of Symphonia

Untitled Zelos/Lloyd
After a near brush with an assassin, Zelos and Lloyd discuss the current situation and share a few tender moments. [Completed]

Untitled Zelos/Lloyd #2
The aftermath of an ambush on Zelos and Lloyd by two previously-unknown members of Cruxis. Zelos bears the burden of guilt on his shoulders. Takes place at some point after the first scene. [Completed]

Tales of Graces

Some days, Cheria wishes King Richard and Captain Malik were around Lhant Manor more often. Other days...she’s utterly grateful that they aren't. [Completed]

The truth revealed — why does Hubert like boats so much? Also some other stuff, I guess. [Completed]



An in-progress rough timeline of Lucetiverse can be found here if you're curious.

The Five Stages of Falling in Love
Falling in love can be a traumatic experience. [Completed]

Simple Things
Hubert attempts to educate Pao-Lin on the proper protocol for public displays of affection. Namely, that there shouldn't be any. [Completed]

Wandering Thoughts
Hubert's thoughts keep wandering towards one thing. No, it's not sex, but in his mind it may as well be. [Completed]

Bar Talk
One night alone at the bar, Pao-Lin is approached by an attractive older man who wants to get to know her better... [Completed]

Experiment Log
Let the record show... [In-progress]
      ✏ #1 - Amnesia
      ✏ #2 - Animal Ears
      ✏ #3 - Normalcy
      ✏ #4 - Pick-up Lines

Facial Hair
The unfortunate implications of Hubert ever growing a beard. [Completed]

Model Ships
Pao-Lin discovers one of Hubert’s other hobbies. [Completed]

Secret Files
She just can’t resist. [Completed]

Going Home
Inevitably, Pao-Lin is sent home to Sternbild. [Completed]

Lost Child
Thanks to a death penalty, Pao-Lin finds out that her partner isn't the man he used to be. [In-progress]
      ✏ part i

Parental Approval
By some miracle, these two have stuck things through long enough to actually get married in Luceti. But just as they’re settling into domestic bliss, parents from both sides of the marriage come crashing in. [In-progress]
      ✏ #1 - Feng-Lei & Qiang-Ya Huang
      ✏ #2 - Garrett Oswell

Abandonment Complex
With Pao-Lin away on a long mission, Hubert has no choice but to acquaint himself further with the other member of their household. [Completed]

Dragon & Gunblade, Season 1
[ profile] 1fandom challenge
The good, the bad, the adorable. [Completed]

Dragon & Gunblade, The OVA
[ profile] 1fandom challenge
I don't think we're in Luceti anymore... [Completed]


Game of Death
Hello, little girl. Do you want to play a little game? [Completed]