Oct. 12th, 2014

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Title: Paperwork.
Fandom: Tales of Graces f. (!)
Pairing: Hubert/Cheria. (!!!!!)
Words: 1509.
Summary: No one needs more evidence for why the king and the captain should never be allowed in the same room together, but here it is anyway.
Rating: W for Where Did This Even Come From?
Notes: So, uh...somehow I have gone from shipping Hubert/Cheria on a purely intellectual level to planning out a long-ass AU PSL for it with [personal profile] weavingmemories, constructing an appropriately shippy playlist, and re-designing Hubert and Cheria’s outfits for the AU. It’s also the closest I’ve ever come to wanting to RP smut with someone. Help. Oh, right: said AU is called Viscariaverse and it involves Asbel dying not long after the end of L&L, thereby setting off a chain of events in which somehow Hubert is not only forced to remain as lord of Lhant in Asbel’s stead, but he also has to marry Cheria for...reasons. we’re still figuring this shit out, shh Needless to say, there’s a lot of angst and awkward that results from all this, but thankfully this fic takes place after the two of them have begun sorting out their many issues and made headway towards being a happily-married couple.

(The name of the AU comes from the viscaria flower, which symbolizes an invitation to dance according to the Victorian language of flowers. The inspiration for the name came from a memethread in which...well, just guess.)

(The actual fic idea can be blamed on an inappropriate Jade Curtiss macro.)

Some days, Cheria wishes King Richard and Captain Malik were around Lhant Manor more often. Other days...she’s utterly grateful that they aren't. )


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