Aug. 9th, 2014

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Title: Secret Files.
Fandom: That Thing With Wangs Wings.
Pairing: :3c / B|
Words: 1333.
Summary: She just can’t resist.
Rating: F for Fuzzy. Or Fluff. ...Fluzzy?
Notes: Initially intended to be pure fluff, this fic took a bit of a dark turn once certain developments happened in Luceti. Yikes.

She only intends to brush away a leaf that’s fluttered onto his head as they sit beneath the cherry blossom tree one brisk autumn day. )
cinnamonicles: (fanfic is srs bsns)
Title: Going Home.
Fandom: Luceti.
Pairing: Hubert/suffering.
Words: 4553.
Summary: Inevitably, Pao-Lin is sent home to Sternbild.
Rating: T for Total Fakeout Tears.
Notes: I sorely regret that I couldn’t have finished this fic in time to coincide with when it would have actually occurred in “real time” (December 2013). But better late than never, right?

(I am also inordinately proud of the fact that I finally managed to work a Vienna Teng reference in with this ship. That woman is relevant to everything ever, just deal with it.)

In spite of Hubert’s brisk, focused pace as he headed for CH7 one wintry day (he refused to call the building by its ridiculous new nomer of “Heart”), he was only mildly worried about Pao-Lin’s whereabouts. )


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